Born, Bred, & Built
in Minnesota


Born, Bred, & Built
in Minnesota

Our Mission is Simple:

Handcrafted Furniture that You

Want and Can Afford

Our mission is simple: Handcrafted furniture that you want and can afford. We know what it’s like to
search for something and never find it, have it cost 3x what you’re willing to spend, or go to an
online store settling for a piece “that will do” and falls apart a year later.

We care about our community and recognized a need. We wanted to redefine the meaning of
“affordable furniture” by providing timeless, unique, sturdy, solid wood pieces to more people in our community and beyond.

Based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, we admire the natural beauty around us, and find inspiration
from its limitless possibilities. Thanks for dropping by our website. Make sure to visit us at our
showroom so you can see a sample of our pieces. We look forward to collaborating with you on the
next addition to your home.

See you soon,

James & Trevor Putnam (Owners)

Meet the Craftsman:

James Putnam

In 2012, a friend asked James to create a dining
table, knowing woodworking was his passion. This
one table started it all. Word spread, and orders
came flooding in. Customers raved about his
custom pieces; it became evident it was time for
James to quit his 9-5 job and finally pursue his
passion full time in 2017. The rest is history.

The dining table that started it all; Handcrafted in 2012

“I love that I can create what the client wants and give them the opportunity to buy something that is completely theirs. They don’t need to settle for anything less. It’s theirs and exactly what they want.”
- James

Our Showroom & Workshop